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Hello Beautiful.

Here's a little something about us.

Growing up, making art on the streets of the Bay Area (The Rich, The Town, & The City), we always wanted to create something that would last an Eternity. What we made was a clothing brand that would represent us as well as the talented artists, printers, photographers, along with other artists who inspired us. Our streetwear-style inspired products are for the visionaries, creatives, creators, and supporters out there. Spreading positivity and love to all with a little bit of spice. 


Dipped since ‘09. With ten years of hustle (and still counting), we have seen our hard work turn into something beautiful. We have learned and grown  tremendously and plan keep riding that wave. Thank you to all the day-ones who stayed along for the ride and welcome to all of our lovely new friends. We are ETERNITY.

Stay positive by all means necessary.

Shine your light for those trapped in the dark. 

Live + Love and Prosper from what the world has to offer. 


Eric of The Eternity Co.

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